Lori Saunders - Bobbie Jo of Petticoat Junction

Lori Saunders - Bobbie Jo Bradley of Petticoat Junction

Lori Saunders is best known as playing  Bobbie Jo Bradley on the 1960′s TV sitcom Petticoat Junction. She was the 2nd, and last, actress to play Bobbie Jo. In 1965 she replaced Pat Woodell for the 3rd season of the show and continued in that role until the series ended in 1970.

- Born Linda Marie Hines in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 4, 1941. Saunders changed her first name from Linda to Lori in 1965 because Petticoat Junction co-star Linda Kaye Henning shared the same name.

- In 1965, Saunders starred in the movie Mara of the Wilderness with Adam West shortly before they went on to their respective best known roles; she as Bobbie Jo Bradley and he as TV’s Batman.

- Saunders played Betsy in the 1973-1974 television series Dusty’s Trail (starring Bob Denver). Dusty’s Trail also starred another former Petticoat Junction girl, Jeannine Riley (the original Billie Jo Bradley).

- Since her retirement from acting in 1980, Saunders spends her time as an artist/painter and as a photographer.

- On a 1983 celebrity version episode of Family Feud, Lori mentioned that she enjoyed bike riding and would ride 50 miles a day.

- Lori has been married to her husband Bernard Sandler since 1960! They have two children together.

- Lori’s official website is LoriSaunders.com. There you can see some of her paintings and also purchase autographed photos of Lori.

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